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In Eastern cultures, it is thought that if a student does not learn it is the fault of the teacher.  Every person is capable of learning and it is the responsibility of the teacher to discern the path that is necessary for the student to follow.  The “FOR EVERYONE” series of DVDs is an extension of this philosophy in the form of a four-tiered exercise program.


Designed and hosted by George Mera, Life Fitness Instructor at the renowned Canyon Ranch Spa in Tucson, Arizona, each of the four DVDs in the series has a distinct target audience, based on a student’s physical capabilities and restrictions.  TAI CHI FOR EVERYONE is for those seeking to improve balance, mobility and enhance the mind/body connection.  CHI KUNG FOR EVERYONE is a more inward-looking program, for those seeking to increase their energy level and metabolism.  BREATHING & STRETCHING FOR EVERYONEhelps improve range of motion and helps improve circulation..  CHAIR YOGA FOR EVERYONE is a low-impact exercise routine that is easy on the joints and promotes better posture.  It is excellent for those who work at a computer all day and suffer from repetitive stress and issues and aching muscles as well as individuals who do not have the stamina or strength to stand for a traditional exercise routine.


Each DVD has unique features which enhance its usefulness and flexibility for individual users.  These features are presented on each DVDs detail page (click on the DVD titles above).  There you can also view a five minute preview of each DVD, showing short excerpts from various sections of the program.


George’s engaging manner and wry sense of humor are an outgrowth of his having taught over 8,000 classes and 100,000 students in his 17 years at Canyon Ranch, as well as his unique life experience growing up in Peru, which you can read about by clicking here.  You will undoubtedly recognize and appreciate the special chemistry of expertise and humanity that George infuses into his instruction on these videos.


George uses the mirroring style of instruction.  If he says to “lift your left arm” he is actually using his right arm, so you just follow along like you’re looking in a mirror. While this style allows the student to relax and focus on the deeper messages being communicated, it is very difficult for an instructor to master and George is one of only a few who are capable of it.  His unique teaching style combines technical expertise with a timeless understanding of humanity and our connection to nature and indeed, the entire cosmos.

Tai Chi for Everyone

Tai Chi for EveryoneTai Chi is a therapeutic exercise which originated centuries ago as a martial art form. Chi is the life energy which circulates throughout our bodies along pathways known as meridians.  A balanced Chi is essential for health and Tai Chi is a gentle form of exercise which promotes the proper flow of energy. As the graceful, flowing movements focus your mind on each moment of existence, stress and tension melt away.

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Chi Kung for Everyone

Chi Kung for EveryoneChi Kung is an ancient Chinese art of self-healing using deep breathing techniques to strengthen internal organs and gentle movement for calming the mind. Chi Kung counteracts the negative energy we encounter in our everyday lives and views obstacles as opportunities for personal growth. Millions across the world practice Chi Kung as a method for maintaining physical health and as a path toward spiritual enlightenment.

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Chair Yoga for Everyone

Chair Yogo for EveryoneChair Yoga is designed to serve two purposes: For people whose job requires extended periods of sitting and working at computers, it focuses on areas of stress and overuse; the neck, shoulders, arms and hands. In addition, for those unable to stand for extended periods of time, Chair Yoga provides a complete workout including the back and spine, hips and legs and all parts of the upper body.

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Breathing and Stretching for Everyone

Breathing and Stretching for EveryoneBreathing & Stretching is a gentle, low-impact method for maintaining and enhancing flexibility and cardio-pulmonary function. Diaphragmatic breathing is the core of mind/body health and proper stretching technique is the foundation for any exercise program. Muscles and joints that have the optimal range of motion are less likely to experience fitness and age-related problems.

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George has been practicing Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga for many years. All of his teachers have somehow been telling him the same thing, which is that there is no need to look for anything or to master or to progress in these arts, but rather to quietly ask the right question and listen to the inner wisdom for the answer.

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