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Managing Stress in the Modern World

Begin Your Journey to Peace and Health


WaterfallIt often seems that life goes out of its way to make things difficult, to put obstacles in our path. Our stress level is high, our energy level is low, and every day the effort to maintain constancy and balance is just a little harder.


If you’ve felt this way (and who hasn’t?) it probably comes as no shock when we tell you that tomorrow won’t be any better, or the day after that either, until you come to understand and accept that:


• The struggles you engage in are occurring within you…
• Life is less about what happens to you and more about how you cope with it…
• Your mind and body are one entity, not two, and you must treat them as such...


Here at My Inner Chi we offer tools to maintain sanity in a crazy world

'For Everyone' Video Series
with George Mera

Tai Chi Video Series
In Eastern cultures, it is thought that if a student does not learn it is the fault of the teacher. Every person is capable of learning and it is the responsibility of the teacher to discern the path that is necessary for the student to follow. The “FOR EVERYONE” series of DVDs is an extension of this philosophy in the form of a four-tiered health program.

> read more about our 'For Everyone' Video Series with George Mera



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