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Leaves in waterThere are many ways to look at life and the world in which we exist.  In the simplest global view, there is a distinct difference between philosophy, science and religion as practiced in what we think of as Western culture versus that practiced in Eastern culture.


In the West we concentrate on the components of systems.  We employ specialists to isolate and analyze problems and symptoms, using laboratories, microscopes, and all the tools of technology.


In the East, the science of health and medicine utilizes a more unified, holistic approach.  The focus is on the interrelationship of mind, body and spirit.  The term ‘wellness’ has recently come into fashion in our health-care industry, but on the other side of the world that philosophy has guided the collective consciousness of millions of humans for thousands of years.


Exercise, diet and centered energy are the ingredients for a long and healthy life.
Here at MyInnerChi we will offer an expanding library of articles, media and other resources offering guidance and direction for those seeking alternatives or enlightenment in all of these areas.

An Ancient Approach to Manage Stress in the Modern World

Where it comes from and how to cope with it successfully.


What is Tai Chi

The classic eastern exercise regimen that is as much spiritual as it is physical


What is Chi Kung (Qi Gong)

Low impact exercise that is practiced daily by millions across the world


What is Yoga

The traditional Hindu system of exercise that promotes control over both mind and body


The Breath of Life

Proper breathing technique is the basis of a healthy, oxygenated system


Stretching for Flexibility

Maximizing and maintaining range-of-motion builds your musculoskeletal foundation


The Nature of Chi

Understanding the core energy force that we all possess


Yin & Yang: Opposition in Harmony

The concept and balance of life resides in the principle of Yin & Yang


George Mera's Journey

A lifetime of learning reveals a universal inner wisdom





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